K-12 NSF Partner Opportunities with RTM Business Group

For industry vendors and partners looking to connect with the nation’s most prominent Superintendents and Assistant Superintendents, RTM Business Group provides a strategic pathway that offers exclusive access to industry leaders. In our K-12 National Superintendents Forums, you’ll benefit from an environment that’s collaborative and focused on discovering innovative opportunities to define K-12’s future.
Our delegates are shaped through an invitation-only approach that sees them gather together for a multi-day forum that’s specific, bespoke, and targeted. For our industry partners, this offers a rare opportunity to meet decision-makers via pre-defined one-on-one meetings.

Convergence and collaboration

RTM’s Congresses deliver world-class insights, learning experiences, and collaborative takeaways. These strategic environments see our selected partners meet with delegates who are uniquely positioned to implement change in their organizations. If you’ve got an innovative tool that can meet the evolving needs of the K-12 sector, you may be the perfect fit for our delegates’ most pressing needs and investment priorities.

Why partner with us?

Partnership opportunities for our K-12 National Superintendents Forums are limited and are extended by invitation only. This enables us to deliver a refined and focused Congress experience, where solution providers have the certainty of knowing their offering meets the criteria of our attending delegate pool.

Partners who take part in our K-12 National Superintendents Forums benefit from:

Strategic one-on-one meetings with invitation-only Superintendents and Assistant Superintendents

At our K-12 National Superintendents Forums, you’ll find the nation’s leading educators who can unlock unique partnership opportunities within their organization. Meet the decision-makers you need in our curated and impactful environment.

Prominent and exclusive brand visibility

Since our approach to B2B marketing and engagement platforms is unmatched, so, too, are the brand visibility outcomes for your business. We offer a unique solution that resolves the inefficiencies of traditional tradeshow environments, delivering enhanced brand outcomes through event association.

Authentic and enjoyable interactions with delegates and peers

Since your one-on-one meetings are defined and scheduled, you’ll be able to enjoy genuine connections with your fellow attendees. Connect with delegates in a mixture of panels, networking opportunities, social events, keynotes, and roundtables. Across multiple days of a thoughtful program schedule, you’ll find genuine relationships develop through organic access.

Industry specific learning opportunities

Benefit from the wisdom of our featured keynote speakers through your participation in thought-leading sessions. Discover the latest technological advancements in the field, enhancing your professional knowledge and increasing your awareness of ongoing innovation.

Hear from our participants


RTM provides an opportunity for networking unlike other conferences I have attended. Seeing and hearing leaders from other states is eye opening in several ways. For one, you see that we all deal with many of the same problems across the country and solve those problems in similar ways. On the other hand, the political structures of the state educational systems vary so drastically that you realize what is the main "fight" in one state may be a much smaller issue in another. You don't get these experiences unless you attend a conference such as what RTM organizes. - Ashley McMillian - Superintendent of Schools, Central R-III School District (Park Hills) (MO)


I found the RTM experience to be an opportunity to rejuvenate my own leadership and focus on the business of education, and not the distractions we face each day. The professional connections with colleagues from across the nation and the opportunity to speak with individuals who are experience similar challenges was rewarding and extremely beneficial. I would recommend RTM experience to any Superintendent. - Brian John Walmsley - Superintendent, Richmond Community Schools (MI)


I have found the RTM Superintendent Events to be extremely valuable. These events have been a catalyst for collaboration, enabling me to establish lasting relationships with fellow superintendents and educational vendors. The platform's unique environment has allowed for the exchange of ideas and insights, fostering professional growth, and contributing significantly to the success of my educational initiatives. I highly recommend RTM Superintendent Events to anyone seeking a dynamic space for building meaningful connections within the education community. - Barry Balaski - Superintendent, Moon Area School District (PA)


The RTM events are well thought out, relevant, stimulating and relaxing. They are a welcome forum for educational leaders to recharge and stay focused on the hard work being done daily. - Michael Coleman - Superintendent, Maricopa Unified School District (CA)

Join us in achieving industry Innovation

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