Welcome to RTM Business Group

Route to Market is a national business networking, marketing and research organization that empowers leaders across diverse industries to harness the power of critical thinking, collaboration, and strategic action.

The RTM Mission

We deliver transformative, collaborative networking opportunities that foster meaningful connections between professionals and provide solutions to key industry challenges.

With an unparalleled dedication to understanding sector-specific nuances, our mission sees us striving far beyond the bounds of traditional marketing models or trade shows. Agile, market-leading, and designed to spark lasting change, our RTM Congresses provide business networking alternatives that see our delegates and vendors discover immense value at every point of engagement.

As a full-service events company, RTM works with innovators and thought leaders across a multitude of industries to produce innovative program content. With a focus on partnership and collaboration, our dynamic networking opportunities allow professionals to come together to create a blueprint for future success.


Fuelled by innovation, accountability, and authenticity, our Executive Leadership guides the RTM team to ongoing success. With a commitment to transparency and integrity, these innovators align our networking opportunities with the evolving needs of our stakeholders.

Kieran Byrne

Managing Partner & Co-Founder

Kimberly Sun

Managing Partner & Co-Founder

Anthony Sisko

Director of FP&A

Stephen Grey

VP of Events

Justin Pines

VP of Sales

The RTM Culture

RTM Business Group is defined by our collective of innovative, committed, and diverse thinkers who take immense pride in the integrity of our shared vision. Our company culture, shaped by a spirit of continuous growth and the relentless pursuit of excellence in all that we do, is key to upholding a market-leading quality of work and thought leadership that sets each of our Congresses apart.

Key elements of our culture:

A tenacity of vision

We’re always learning and evolving, using this consistent development to fuel our tenacity as we tenaciously pursue an evolving vision.

Reliable, grounded teamwork

We show up for ourselves and for our team, ready to do the work that’s required of us.

Our clients' success is our success

This fuels us to deliver above and beyond in every one of our interactions.

Joy in the journey

We seek fun, meaning, and enthusiasm in every part of our work, building more connections for our team and our partners through genuine networking opportunities.

Owning the problem

If something doesn’t go to plan, we take full accountability, identify the steps needed to achieve a resolution, and work diligently until it’s achieved. 

Employing positivity as power

Each day, we have the choice of how our attitude affects our results. That’s why we choose to use positivity as fuel for every challenge and opportunity a new day brings. 

Careers at RTM

At RTM, our culture is built on collaboration and continuous improvement. We are always looking for motivated and passionate individuals who are innovative and outcome-oriented.

Are you ready to embark on a career that champions innovation and teamwork? Start your journey at RTM and join our team of business networking visionaries and industry trailblazers.